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Humble, TX Daycare: Keeping Your Child Back-to-School Ready!

Posted on 06-16-2016 | Kids 'R' Kids Learning Academies of Eagle Springs/Kings River

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We all know that the summertime can be prime time for your child to lose focus on anything remotely educational and disappear into iPads and TV shows. While a little TV time is not going to ruin your child, we suggest filling at least part of each summer day with constructive learning activities. Keeping your child’s mind active and his brain engaged in learning will make the transition to Back-to-School much smoother. Even though summer has just begun, it’s only 12 short weeks until school buses will start filling the roads and school supplies will be spilling off of department store shelves. Make the most of your summer with your child with a few proactive steps to keep them learning.

1. Make Reading a part of Your Routine – Even if your child has not shown any interest in reading, making it a part of their daily routine can help encourage them to explore the world of reading. Before nap time or bedtime is a great opportunity to sit down and read a book. As your child gets older, introduce them to chapter books and practice reading out loud together. Many studies have shown that an early exposure to reading positively affects a child’s learning capability.

2. Get into Nature – In the early morning or late afternoon, when the sun isn’t beating down too hard, take your child outside and explore your surroundings. Make the exploration casual and fun! Point out interesting rocks or leaves, and ask your preschooler what he thinks about all of the different discoveries.

3. Create Something Tasty – Whenever you bake or cook, you are using measurements to make the recipe just right. This summer, involve your preschooler or kindergartener in making delicious treats and use it as a learning opportunity to show the practical, everyday use of math! Ask your child about measurements, “How much is this? How many ___ do we need for this recipe?”etc.

At Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academies of Eagle Springs & Kings River, we are passionate about providing a solid First Step to Higher Education™ for every child in our care. Giving your child an engaging educational environment, year-round means that the summer time is never wasted and students are always ready to continue with learning when back-to-school comes around! Contact us today to discover what our exclusive preschool curriculum, nurturing staff team, and secure state-of-the-art facility can do to exceed all of your childcare expectations! 

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