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Four Things You Can Teach Your Child through Playtime

Posted on 12-02-2016

Playtime is where children learn. Make sure your child has all the necessary items to learn all they can while making fun childhood memories. They won’t even know they’re learning!

  • Motor Skills

Supply your child with building blocks, paper and scissors (be sure to get harmless scissors that can only cut paper), and Crayons, and let them go free! Though turning them loose with scissors might sound intimidating at first, there is no better way of developing hand-eye coordination and motor skills!

  • Numbers and Counting

Numbers can be taught through games like hop-scotch as you chant the numbers while hopping. Count everything! Count the army men, the baby dolls, apple slices, chairs around the table, or people in your family. Songs like Five Little Monkeys incorporate numbers into song, and you could even have them listen to skip-counting songs if you’re feeling ambitious.

  • Sorting and Shape Recognition

Put all the blue cars together and all the green cars together. Or match the square blocks with all of the other square blocks. “Can you find all of the red toys for me?” Puzzles are also great resources that combine shape recognition and motor skills.

  • Reading Comprehension

It’s often been said that if you want your child to be a reader, then read to them daily! Start them off young with great classic literature to develop in them a taste for reading. Use different voices as you read to make it more interesting and fun. Like Dr. Seuss said, “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more you learn, the more places you’ll go.”

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