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Enjoying Changes in Weather with Preschoolers

Posted on 08-25-2017

When your child is in preschool, their minds are filled with wonder and excitement as they learn new things about the world around them every day. One of the most enjoyable concepts to learn about is seasons. While adults may take this for granted, there is much to learn when it comes to changes in weather, and this learning opportunity is a great way to have fun with your child.

Begin with the basics

Point out the differences in temperature to your child as an introduction into learning about seasons. When they get dressed in the morning, tell them why they need to put on a heavy coat or rain boots. Explain to them why we wear shorts and tee shirts with sandals in the summer, but then we put on sweaters, pants and warm shoes in the winter.

Talk about the weather

Mentioning the many changes in the world around them is the best way to teach your child about the changing seasons. Point out the difference in heavy dark clouds and explain why they look that way. Where is the sun when it is raining? Ask them what they think of the changing leaves and why they think they fall to the ground.

Learning with art

Use the seasons to come up with fun activities that get them involved with the changing environment— make cotton ball art to depict fluffy clouds and snow, or play in the fall leaves or make a wreath for the front door. Pick up some leaves from the ground and use them to make impressions by placing the leaves under a sheet of paper and rubbing the top side of the paper with crayons.


Talk about weather safety when discussing the seasons. Explain why we have to drive carefully in rain or sometimes stay inside when there’s a snowstorm. Use every opportunity to teach your child about nature while making it fun for the whole family—your child will grow up to love the changing seasons and always interact with the world around them.

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