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Be Kind to HumanKind Week with your Preschooler

Posted on 07-28-2017

Be Kind to HumanKind Week is a national event celebrated during the third week of August. This special time is all about giving back to your community, spreading love, and offering help wherever it can be given. Children are the future, which is why it’s imperative for them to be taught about compassion and kindness. We’ve compiled a few fun ideas for teaching your preschooler about Be Kind to HumanKind Week. Check it out!

Community clean up

Clean up, clean up, everybody everywhere! Preschoolers understand this concept very well! Grab a few trash bags and head out the front door - it’s time to show some love to the environment. You can start on your street or visit a local park and pick up any litter you notice on the ground. People occasionally put the environment’s needs on the backburner, but mother nature needs kindness too! With a little time spent cleaning up your neighborhood, your child will develop a love for nature and an understanding of the environment.

Bake for friends

Who doesn’t love a fresh plate of chocolate chip cookies? You can turn a fun day of baking into a thoughtful gift for neighbors or close friends. Plate up your delicious treat, whether it be brownies, cupcakes, or cookies, and hand deliver it to your loved one’s front door! Your preschooler will enjoy bringing a smile to someone else’s face - and why not save a few extras to munch on?

Provide for others

You can even provide for those outside of your circle with a few materials and items. Take your preschooler to the grocery store and pick up brown paper bags, canned goods, bottled water, and a few other snacks. Crackers, protein bars, and fruits like oranges or apples will do the trick. Pack up your bags and take them to a shelter or donation center where they can be distributed to those who need them.

A little kindness and compassion can go a long way and leave a lasting impact on others, so take this special week as an opportunity to teach your preschooler about giving back.

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