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Creating a Can-Do Attitude

Posted on 11-12-2016

My paper airplane won’t fly! Can you fly it for me?” After happily throwing and flying his airplane alone for almost 10 minutes, he had suddenly decided that he couldn’t do it anymore. “No, I want you to fly it. I can’t do it!

While there is nothing wrong with helping your children, there comes a point where you cannot do every little thing for them. We want our children to be independent and confident in their capabilities, so let’s take a look at 3 ways you can help your child to feel empowered, and create in them a can-do attitude.

  • Encourage them to keep trying.

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again!” It can be frustrating for a child to continually fail at something, especially in the earlier years of fine motor skill development when their physical capabilities don’t quite match up with their intellectual capabilities. Our children need to know that failure is not the end, but rather a step toward progress!

  • Teach responsibility.

Give them age-appropriate responsibilities. They can put away the clean silverware, or fold washcloths, or put their dirty laundry in the hamper, or even wipe clean their chairs after dinner! Whatever small chore you choose, make sure they are actually capable of completing it, and then encourage them to do their best!

  • Acknowledge their progress.

Always remember to tell them what a good job they have done. Always acknowledge their strengths, and let them know how helpful and strong they are. Whenever you hear phrases like “Look what I did!” use that wonderful opportunity to acknowledge their sweet skills. If you build up their confidence when they are coming to you for affirmation, that confidence will spill over into other areas of their lives and encourage them to keep trying!

A can-do attitude not only promotes a healthy lifestyle, but it will be helpful in all areas of life as your child grows up. They will be more likely to succeed, and less likely to develop feelings of insecurity. Help your children gain the confidence they need to go out into this big, big world.

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